Adult Sunday SchoolClasses

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Bible Study

The Genesis Class

This class is full of singles and couples ranging from ages 25-40. Studying straight from the bible by their fearless leader Jill Pugh. This is a new class that would love to have visitors, as many of them are new to the church themselves. They are located in room 152.

The Wesley Class

The Wesley Class is a group couples and singles ranging around the 40s and 50s but anyone is welcome. Kim Bledsoe leads the class guiding them each week through spiritual awakening. The lessons vary weekly but they tend to do series, for example right now they are doing a 6 week program that takes about 40 minutes with no homework. However, this class is a lively bunch so the series usually take longer than the time allotted by the author. This is a wonderful, caring group of individuals who take the first Sunday of each month to make breakfast and socialize to ensure everyone is caught up on the needs and concerns of the group, they then pray for the needs. This is a great class to go to if you’re looking for caring people from many different backgrounds, come once a month, every Sunday or randomly. Trust us, you will be blessed! Located in room 156.

The Pathfinders

Couples, singles and senior adults with ages ranging from 45 to 90 plus, and everyone is welcome. This group tends to study a variety of topics, but is presently focusing on studies of books of the Bible. Sometimes, however, the class does topical studies or a DVD series. David Duggan is the teacher, but sometimes the group chooses to take turns leading the class on a specific topical or DVD study. The class provides, through its class fund, monthly support to missionaries Bob and Patty Meredith in Kenya and Chase and Kristan West, through Campus Crusade for Christ, at Radford University in Virginia. The class also provides monthly support to Alison Neubert’s campus ministry in Memphis and to Wycliffe Bible Translators. In addition, the class supports other missions and churchwide needs as those needs arise, and looks for opportunities to provide material support to needy persons and families at Christmas or as such needs arise. The class especially values its senior members and their legacy in maintaining and growing our church through the years. The class has an annual summer picnic and a winter dinner, and we always have a great time together. The class is located in room 149.

Bible Fellowship

Bible Fellowship Sunday School Class is a mixture of couples, widows, and singles from ages 40+ – 80. The name of the class describes the purpose of the group. They meet to fellowship with believers and study the Word. We are blessed with the culinary skills of Margie Davis and the teaching skills of Davy Hill. We are currently studying the book of 1st Corinthians. We invite anyone who is not involved in a class to come and join us. Located in room 153.


The NOVA Sunday School Class is a group of middle agers (most retired, some not.) This is a study/discussion, facilitator led group. Studies are varied and scripture based. New members are always welcome! If you are seeking a class where varied viewpoints are respected, discussions are lively, socials are encouraged, and outreach is ongoing throughout the year both by the class and by individuals, we invite you to join us. The class is located in room 142.

The Bailey Class

This group is full of wonderful people ranging in ages from 50’s-80’s. Studying through different Adult Bible Studies, Elaine Bowers teaches wonderful life lessons. Keeping roll every Sunday and giving donations weekly to the church for projects, this dedicated group will surely help you to feel the love of Christ and the love of giving! Located in Room 144.

Linda Roberts

This is group of fun loving women who make up a potion of the single women in our congregation. They enjoy studying the Word and sharing God’s Word with others. If you are a woman, and want to enjoy your Sunday School hour with other women this is the class for you! You will find this wonderful group in Room 151.

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