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I am new. What should I expect?

First of all, being new anywhere can sometimes be overwhelming. We pray you first find our mission and ministry to be filled with hospitality where not only are you welcome, where everyone is welcome.

Parking is no big issue, we have a large parking lot. Once you park, just come up the ramp or steps and you can enter through the big doors. Once inside, you will find restrooms to the left. Past the restrooms, you will find a countertop which serves as a welcome center with information about our mission and ministry. Just past the welcome center, you can find our main sanctuary to the right and through the glass doors. If you need a nursery or childcare, take the stairs or elevator downstairs where you will find all our children’s ministry areas. Youth ministry is located to the left from the sanctuary, just past the elevator and to your right.

Friendly Folks

Don’t worry about how to dress. We have a very eclectic congregation when it comes to dress. You will see some in suits, dresses, business casual, recreational casual, shorts and t-shirts. It really does not matter. Just be yourself and be comfortable.

Our 9:30 a.m. worship service is a blend of traditional music and contemporary music led by our Worship Band and our Chancel Choir. Words to the songs will be broadcast on large screens so it is easy to follow along even if you don’t know the songs. 

All worship services will include a welcome time, announcements, prayers, a time of giving offerings, reading of scriptures and a sermon. At times, we will highlight mission projects or special events and generally on the first Sunday of the month we share Holy Communion. We have an open table at Holy Communion and everyone is welcome to participate.

We are an orthodox community worshipping in traditional Wesleyan Theology. Sunday worship is our “Big Event” each week, but we offer many, other weekly events for discipleship and spiritual growth. We pray you feel welcomed and please feel free to plug in wherever you feel blessed. Our church staff is always available to help in anyway we can to help you find your church home here at First Methodist Church.

Our Facility

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building exxterior
Upper Level
Lower Level


Main Level

Lower Level

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